Aviga WiFi Smart Plug 16 Amp | Alexa & Google Home Compatible | with Energy Monitor for High Power Appliances

Plug in your large appliances like AC, Motors, Geysers etc into the Aviga Smart Plug and make your home Smarter!
Use functions like Remote on/off, scheduling and Power Consumption Monitoring with the Aviga 16 A Smart Plug. When at home, just speak your instructions into Amazon Alexa or Google Home and the SmartPlug will comply.
When away from home, use the free AVIGA HOMES or SmartLife app to switch your Aviga Smart Plug On/Off.
With the Scheduler function, you can program your Smart Plug to switch on/off at a particular time.
With the timer function, you can decide how long the plug will remain ON – a very helpful feature that can Schedule running of your AC, Geysers, Motors etc.
The plug cannot be used with 10 Amp appliances like TV, music system, Table Lamp etc No hub is required with the Aviga Smart Plug.
All you need is a Smartphone and an active WiFi connection for it to work.
Remain worry free with a 12 month warranty on the product. Instructions for downloading and installing the app are included in the package.
Do note that the Aviga Smart Plug works with only 2.4GHz signals on the WiFi router. If you have a FTTH connection at home, you would have both 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals on your router.
Just switch to the 2.4GHz signal on your mobile phone while pairing the smart plug.
Works with any home appliance with upto 16 Amp current requirement. Control high power consumption appliances like Air Conditioners, Water Heaters, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines, Motors and Pumps of any kind etc.
Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Control your plug with voice command.
Control your Aviga Smart Plug with Free “Aviga Homes” App, available for Android and IOS. Create multiple automation scenarios with the Aviga Homes App. Plug is also compatible with Smart Life app
Designed for India: Aviga smart plug is rated for 240V/16A with tolerance for voltage fluctuations. It is certified by Wireless Planning Coordination(WPC), Govt of India, for use in India.

Price: ₹2,699.00 - ₹849.00
(as of Sep 12,2021 12:37:26 UTC – Details)



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