Clickbic Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning Kitchen, Furniture & Home Appliances | 40×30 cm 280 GSM Green 4 pc | Ultra Soft & Durable, Quick Dry & Super Absorbent

Clickbic microfiber cleaning cloth makes all cleaning job convinient. Our top-quality towel is made from polyester fibers which is best to clean off every kind of dust, dirt and other stains in one go. Towel gives you a lint, streak-free surface and kills 99.9% of harmful pathogens.The microfiber towel is long lasting which makes it a financialy smarter choice in the long run. It can be used to clean on all surfaces like wood, glass, fiberglass, plastic, vinyl, leather, stainless steel, metal, ceramic, marble, tile etc. Multi-purpose towel has unique abosorbent technology as the fine microfibers absorbs even the microscopic dirt particles that conventional cotton cloth dearths. Our towel absorbs 7 times of its weight in water and does not require any chemical for cleaning.

Great for wet and dry cleaning
Wipes off germs and viruses giving an antibacterial clean
No Streaks, No Swirls, No Spots, No Scratches
Machine washable up to 500 times

Price: ₹424.00 - ₹212.00
(as of Sep 13,2021 07:01:25 UTC – Details)



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