Gadgets Appliances Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Column Music Flowerpot Smart Finger Touch Multi-Color LED Night Light MP3 Home Office Desk Decorative – Set of 1

Multi Entertainment and creatively designed Flower pot. It has lovely shape which makes it attractive and showpiece product. Bluetooth speaker enables you to play your favorite song. Different plants & soil water content will have different touch sensitivity. The more water content, the more sensitive. If you found no touch response, please check if the plant is full of high water content or the soil is wet enough. The Succulent Plant with thick, fleshy leaves will give a better performance of playing music. Bluetooth version: V3.1 Bluetooth distance:10M Speaker: 50mm 5W3? Signal-to-noise ratio: 90dB Frequency Response: 20~20KHz Battery capacity: 1200mAh Working voltage:3.7V Charging parameter:5V 500mAh Charging time: about 4 hours Play time about 12 hours,

STRONG MATERIAL CURVE PROCESS:Inside and outside the basin shaped injection molding, curve design, beautiful lines
Potted plants poetic light:The eye lamp + 7 color dazzle lamp, decorate your head of bed with the heart, the desktop, do your next side the warmth of light
The shape of a lovely eggshell, simple and yet cute, and the quality of your physical appearance online will make the objects around you beautiful is a smart flower pot, grow plant inside and touch the plant like playing the piano, every touch will make a sound like pressing the piano key. Okearin F1 is splashproof, can be watered from up above, but DO NOT submerge it in water or other liquids
F1 is a soft night light and colorful breathing light, bring a feeling of safety to the people afraid of the dark and keep from tripping over when get up at night, and create a warm and sweet atmosphere

Price: ₹899.00 - ₹699.00
(as of Sep 12,2021 17:59:25 UTC – Details)



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