RUTUZ 4Pc Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine and Dryer, Shock Absorber Noise Cancelling Washer Support, Anti Walk Heightening Pads with Suction Cup Feet, Prevent Moving Shaking, Universal Size

Product Description

Washing Machine PadsWashing Machine Pads

RUTUZ Non Vibration Pads for Washing Machine Presents Best Use Experience:

Anti Walk PadsAnti Walk Pads

1. Suction cup deign, anti-vibration, anti-walking, will not scratch the floor and eliminate noise

2. Durable in damp and harsh environments

3. Simple installation, no need to use tools,

4. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the anti-vibration pad is more than 400kg

5. Raise furniture and home appliances by a few centimeters is for effectively preventing moisture and better ventilation, thereby making cleaning easier.

5. Applicable to the feet of various household appliances/furniture with a diameter less than 2.0 inches

washing machine footwashing machine foot

How to Install:

1. Place the foot pad next to the washing machine foot

2. Carefully lift one side of the machine

3. Slide the pad to the position of the machine foot support

4. slowly lower the machine

5. Adjust the machine foot to be placed in the groove of the pad

Purpose: Increase height, leveling, ventilation, moisture-proof, shock

Use scenarios: washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, furniture, home appliances, etc.

Material: Resin fibre plastic + Rubber Color: Gray

Package includes: 1 set of 4pcs RUTUZ washing machine rubber pads

Furniture Lifting BaseFurniture Lifting Base

Furniture Lifting BaseFurniture Lifting Base

Anti Walk PadsAnti Walk Pads

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Anti vibration pads for washing machine ‘s suction cup is made of soft rubber, which can protect the floor from damage when moving, shaking or walking. The main body is made of plastic, heavy duty construct. It is durable under wet or harsh environments.
EASY TO INSTALL: Just install under the feet of a washing machine or dryer, no tool or messy adhesive is required. After installation, your furniture and home appliances raised by a few centimeters for convenient cleaning and preventing moisture.
MORE STABLE: This washing machine pads anti vibration has the effect of shock absorption, noise reduction, anti-vibration. The smoother the ground, the stronger the grip. And it won’t scratch your floor.
PROTECT THE FLOOR: The washing machine foot pad with large suction chassis, it can stably grip the floor, effectively prevent washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, tables and other furniture unnecessary movement, scratching the floor, play a role in protecting the floor.
EASY TO CLEAN: This washer & dryer pedestals can also increase the height of household appliances and furniture to prevent them from being damp, thereby making cleaning easier.

Price: ₹999.00 - ₹299.00
(as of Sep 12,2021 17:13:27 UTC – Details)



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