Article : Online Classes- Beneficial for students during lockdown in present scenario

Article : Online Classes- Beneficial for students during lockdown in present scenario

Dr. Arpana Shrivastava
Online teaching and learning has been the rise in recent years and it’s really not hard to say why. On the other hand e-learning courses have become hugely popular by more convenient traditional face to face courses. The rise of Online teaching and learning during the COVID-19 “Pandemic” has changed education with distinctive growth of e-learning also, where by watching is under taken remotely and on digital platforms.
Even before COVID-19, there was already high growth and adoption in education technology, whether it is language app, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, or online learning software, there has been significant surge in usage since COVID-19.
In response to significant demands, many online learning platforms are offering free access to their services. Still, today some people believe that the rapid move to online learning, insufficient bandwidth will result in a poor user experience that is un conducive to sustained growth, while others believe that a new hybrid model of education will emerge, with significant benefits. I also believe that Integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated and that online education will eventually become an integral component of school education and college education. During these days in lockdown we are online teaching the students and they feel enthusiastic say it is our new experience as well as productive also, it enables us also to reach out to students more efficiently through chat groups, video meetings and also document sharing. Students also find it easier to communicate. How every student without reliable internet access struggling to participate in digital learning. While in some colleges, Govt. has been providing digital equipment to students in need. To get the full benefit of online teaching, learning, there needs to be a concentrated effort to provide- structure environment, then in class lecture through video capabilities, collaboration tools and methods that promote “personalization and intelligence” we should promise to prepare today’s students to succeed in an increasingly technology- driven global economy. After all, students grew up in a highly communicative environment. Learning online is natural to them- as much as retrieving and creating information on the internet cell phones, downloading files and instant messaging. Students are ready to prepare for testing online classes. These classes prove very helpful to them as classes are preparing them for good result.
Thus, online teaching is new network of highly qualified teachers in schools and college students underserved communities. Students through online teaching learning courses are performing well. Online learning has the potential to transform to teaching and learning by enhancing the quality of learning experiences. These ensures give students the opportunity to plan study time around the rest of their day.

Dr. Arpana Shrivastava
Lecturer (English)
Govt. Narmada PG College,



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